Naked Cakes/Crumb Coated Cakes

Want a more natural looking cake? Don't like Fondant?, then maybe a naked cake is for you. This style of cake shows off its natural beauty, they fit in beautifully with rustic style weddings and they smell amazing!
 The cake can be decorated with just berries, just flowers or both. Any flavour of cake can be chosen and gluten free or vegan  is also an option. 
Another twist on the naked cake is a crumb coated or semi-naked cake. A very thin layer of buttercream is applied to your naked cake, but the cake still holds a natural beauty and keeps its rustic look.
Different sizes are available from 2 - 5 tiers depending on your number of guests and whether the cake is to be used as a desert.
 The delivery and set up of your cake is included in the price. For some guidance on price :
3 tier naked / semi-naked cake :
10"/8"/6" suitable for 120 guests = £225 / £260
12"/9"/6" suitable for 150-180 guests = £275 / £295

4 tier naked/semi naked cake:
Small 4 tier 10"/8"/6"/4" suitable for approx 130 guests = £295 / £310
Large 4 tier 12"/8"/6"/4" suitable for approx 200 guests = £320 / £350
Any left over cake freezes really well, so it won't go to waste!

Large 3 tier naked cakeLarge 4 tier naked cakestandard 3 tier naked cake with fresh flowerslarge 3 tier naked cake with flowers and berries
3 tier chocolate naked cakeAlice in Wonderland themed naked cake with sugar models
sunflower naked cakesmall 4 tier naked cake.
large 3 tier semi-naked cake with fresh flowers2 tier semi-naked cakesemi naked / ombre buttercream cake
large semi-naked cakecoloured semi-naked cake with gold leaf flakes
4 tier small semi-naked cake2 tier country semi-naked cakestandard 3 teier semi-naked cake with silver dripwork.standard 3 tier semi naked cake with rose gold edging
small 4 tiered semi-naked
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