Birthday Cakes
We can design and provide every type of birthday cake:
 Novelty cakes based around a TV programme, hobby or even a favourite handbag.
Themed Cupcakes with the use of a stand
Traditional, personalised birthday cakes.

 Cakes are available in any flavour that you would like, but the most popular are a vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream or a chocolate sponge with a chocolate cream. Cakes are also available as gluten free.

 Every cake is bespoke and at this stage an exact price cannot be given. Prices start from £35 but the price of a cake will depend on how large it is and the amount of hours needed to create it. The more detailed the cake, the more expensive the price. Please browse the gallery below to see just some examples of cakes that have been made. Don't feel restricted to only ask for one of the cakes shown..... if you can come up with an idea, we can come up with the cake!

Tasmanian DevilSnooker Table CakeHobbit Hole
Madagascan Hissing Cockroach cakeIPAD cakeStormtrooper Helmet cake
X Box 360 cakeFergie tractor cakeSuitcase/travelling cake
 Football Supporter cakeBook stack cakeAllotment CakePrada Handbag
Greenhouse CakeCosta Coffee birthday cakeHarry Potter Spell book"Animal" muppet cake
My favourite book cakeCamera cakeLand rover cakeNew York themed cake
Buttercream rose cakeHorse cakeHoliday cakeSugar skull birthday cake
Oreo birthday cakeRockabilly birthday cakeGolfing cake
Classic Floral bouquet cakeChocoholics cakeMy dog cakeHarry Potter Cake
30th Party cakeClaris Cliff cakeBaking hobby cakeRaspberry Drip cake
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