Naked Cakes/Crumb Coated Cakes

Want a more natural looking cake? Don't like Fondant?, then maybe a naked cake is for you. This style of cake is very popular at the moment and shows off the beauty of your cake in all its natural glory. Filled with lashings of buttercream and jam and finished off with your choice of flowers and fruit. Different flavours of cake are available to be shown off in this manner.
Prices start for a small 3 tier cake to serve appox 80 guests at £200, up to a large 4 tier cake to serve 120-130 at £295. Other sizes are also available.

Another simple option is a crumb coated cake. A very thin layer of buttercream is applied to your naked cake, this keeps it moist, but the cake still holds a natural beauty and keeps its rustic look, looks beautiful decorated with fresh flowers.

3 tier naked cake4 tier naked cake
Mixed cake table
Alice in Wonderland themed naked cake
Crumb coated wedding cake
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